Experience Schmalkalden

Experience history.  Schmalkalden became particularly known for its reformation and as preaching place of Luther as well as the Schmalkaldian articles. Schmalkalden is beautifully located in a valley surrounded by gentle mountains of the Thuringian Forest.

Deep insights into the history of the town itself and its role in European politics in the 16th century give its museums.

Our Aktiv & Vital Hotel Thüringen is perfectly located for passionate hikers and cyclists. As a starting point for various day-tours we hold special maps readily available for you.

Bikers, which love curvy, far from traffic, nearly pollution free and challenging road ways are very welcome. In near proximity of the hotel we offer an array of different sporty leisure possibilities as well as attractive cultural destinations.

Castle WilhelmsburgCastle Wilhelmsburg

Under William IV. Castle Wilhelmsburg was built as a side residence of the Hessian landgraves 1585-90. The castle is considered to be an important monument of Renaissance architecture due to its well-preserved outdoor facilities, the original room structure with colorful murals and magnificent stucco. Here you will also find the Iwein painting, the oldest profane wall painting in Germany and in the castle church one of the oldest playable wooden organs in Europe.[/col]

new hutBlast Furnace Museum New Hut

The "New Hut" is a late classicist blast furnace from 1835, in which local iron ores were smelted on charcoal basis to pig iron. To visit are: the permanent exhibition on the history and technique of the "new hut", the representation of the general development of mining, smelting and ironwork in the area Schmalkalden, an industrial wood boring machine, a craft nail forge and the reconstruction of water supply, water wheel and turbine plants.

Visitor mine FinstertalVisitor mine Finstertal

The "Finstertal" iron and brownstone mine shows over days the "tough" (work equipment) and "shining" of the miners in the course of time, evidence of geological diversity in the Asbacher mountains and mine underground 350 m underground mine, compressor chamber from 1919 and much more

Viba Nougat-Welt - an experiential confiserie to join inViba Nougat-Welt - an experiential confiserie to join in

In the "Erlebnis- und Schauconfiserie" the glass production facility gives insights into the filigree production of the finest nougat and chocolate products. The highlight of the nougat world is the station "Create Your Own Nougat Rod"